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MSN Virus Remover

MSN Virus Remover


Your MSN messenger has been sending ‘spam’ messages to your friends in your contact list, for example – "Can I use this picture of you on my profile?” followed by a link to a zip file of the images or photos. Chances are, your computer is infected with a virus / Trojan / Worm that spreads itself whenever you log off. It automatically spams everyone in your contact list and this is annoying, and you don’t even know about it unless your friends informed you about it, so, how to remove MSN Virus Project 1/ Generic2.EXO / Backdoor.Generic3.SAT? Try MSN Photo Virus Remover - This tool removes the Photo Virus. My advice is, download a check for virus, you may never know and some friends are simply too lazy to inform you about your status when they receive such messages from you.

Compatable with Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home and Pro), Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

MSN Virus Remover:
*Removes many different strains of common MSN viruses.
*Restores access to Regedit, Task Manager, Run, Command Prompt, System Restore Configuration Panel and Folder Options.
*Scans External drives such as USB drives and portable harddrives for autoruns which may reinfect the system.
*Has a handy details window to allow you to see what is happening.
*Saves a log file and backup files, in case you have any questions or a false positive is detected.
*Checks for a newer version when you run it.
*Includes a variety of languages
*Can be run in nochanges mode.
*Is simple to use.

Installation Instructions
1 - Install by running MSN Virus Remover.exe and follow on screen prompts.
2 - No Serial number required


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